Selozi Summer Menu, which contains tips about Selozi’s eating habits, is on the air!

– This menu, which consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, includes a total of 48 recipes with calorie calculations.
– Seasonal, fresh vegetables and fruits are used in all recipes.
– The contents of the menus prepared under the control of Expert Dietitian Ezgi Mısırlı were created together with Kitchen Diaries.

– Since the recipes contain various allergen substances, we ask you to be careful and controlled.
– After your purchase, the menu will be sent as a pdf to your e-mail where you created a membership.

A package that you manage the time and time available anywhere, anytime. With at least 6 videos uploaded each month, it’s up to you to determine your workout pattern. While the arms, abdomen, legs work the whole body and strengthen and shape you in this way, dance and cardio videos will also accelerate the fat burning.

Let’s start…